New Policy for Shipping Damage Claims

On behalf of the team at Lance Powersports and Alliance Powersports to all dealers, we are sorry to hear whenever there is shipping damage during transit. It not only cause you, our dealers’ frustration, lost time and resources to get replacement parts and labor time to repair but to your customers who are delayed to take delivery of their bikes as well as diverts our team's attention from the normal flow of business, by giving you our best and timely service which you deserve.

This year we have had a high number of dealers inform us of damage claims more than any other time, ever.

Most of the damage has been due to stacking causing bikes to be crushed, forklifts poking holes through the side or laying the crate on the side causing cracks and scratches.

Although we have requested all dealers to note damage on the delivery slip whenever there are obvious signs of damage to the boxes, this does not fully address the issue since there have been many times where there were no apparent damage on the box but once the box is removed the damage is clearly seen and no damage notation have been noted on the delivery slip.

To address hidden damage caused by the shipper here is our recommendation:

By following these steps the shipper has no choice but to acknowledge the damage. From the shipper’s point of view once the delivery slip is signed without noting damage you assume responsibility for the shipment. Although neither you nor Lance Powersports and Alliance Powersports should be responsible for shipping damage it is essential you follow these steps. Otherwise, you will be taking responsibility.

So that we are all on the same page, to avoid issues for all parties and to make damage claims as smooth and efficient as possible please follow these steps. Failure to follow these steps will result in you paying for replacement parts plus shipping.

We do not want to pass the cost to our dealers on parts by giving away replacements for free whenever dealers neglect to inspect at delivery even if boxes look “okay” when it is the shipping companies responsible for causing the damage in the first place. So, let’s do it right and hold them to it. Although sometimes damage claims are unavoidable, let’s make it as easy as possible.

For questions related to the Shipping Damage Claims , please contact: